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About The Project

What happens when, for the first time, the Community College of Vermont offers a workshop for veterans to write their own stories? Something captivating and enthralling happens as they bond talking about their service experiences and then share the process of their stories unfolding in written form.

Seven veterans, ranging from an 88-year-old WWII veteran to those who served more recently in Iraq and several who served at sea with Navy, showed up in June 2014 for this workshop. First, they shared their stories with each other, sorting through experiences familiar to all. Then they wrote some of them down. Excerpts from the work of four of these veterans follow.

Read their stories as they unfold in an arc that reaches from their first stirrings to join military service to what combat deployment really feels like, and how it all now shapes their perspectives on life. Finally, this collection speaks of the arduous road home for some, and their slow and courageous integration back into civilian life.

You will find authentic, personal voices here, from four veterans who came from ordinary backgrounds and lived what it means to be soldiers in service to their country.

Joe Ryan


Special thanks to Marie Milord and the anonymous authors for the use of their work on this site. We'd also like to thank Joe Ryan for organizing the Veterans Writing Project and to all of the veterans who participated. All content copyright © 2014 the respective owners. To request a print copy of Veterans Writing in Vermont please contact CCV Marketing.

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